The island of Sardinia is my second home and my working place. I was born in Northern Germany, between the seas and love my first home and my family. But Sardinia offered me a quality of life and working freedom I’ve never experienced before and made me want to stay.

I love to work on different projects. Like many people in Sardinia I have more than just one job. So my life in Sardinia is kind of chameleonic 😉

For the main part I am working as a freelance Consultant and Project Manager in the field of Communications helping my clients to approach intercultural markets and tell their stories to the “unknown client in an unknown culture”. I also love to work in other countries and I do have a very strong connection to Germany and Switzerland – and Sardinia and Italy, obviously. Remote I work for international clients linked to the European and German speaking market.

In Sardinia, I am working in the Travel Business and MICE sector, organizing business event, workshops, strategy meetings or incentive travel. All year round and close to the Sardinian people, nature and culture. Preferably following a central theme such as wine & food, arts & crafts, pastorism & culture, sports, saling, hiking … I will take care of getting you in contact with the local people and understanding their culture. Together with a bunch of professional local guides, I will take you to places in Sardinia you will never forget.

Seminare auf Sardinien - mit Auswanderin Nicole Raukamp
Ich zeig euch das authentische Sardinien, überall, im ganzen Jahr 🙂

As a Travel Blogger I experienced this beautiful island personally throughout all seasons and there is still no end in sight. I know it very well and am often referred to as “adopted Sardinian” who knows places even the local people haven’t been to. My content for the main part is published in German (as it is my mother tongue) on (italian for “black sheep”). In 2017, I wrote, designed and published my own book, a travel book for the whole year in Sardinia (in German). I am currently working on the second edition.

Quite logically, I also offer my know-how as a Content Creator and Content Management Services to my clients, managing multilingual Websites and Social media profiles.

I also work for Sardinian companies approaching new markets, and help them tell their story – for example at boat shows and tourism / travel fairs and/or to promote their products on the German and Swiss market.

Last but not least, being a sailor myself, I offer services for skippers organizing their sailing tour around Sardinia, communicating with local marinas and ports, shipyards and nautical service companies. Together with some local “marinai” I will take care of sailing yachts in the winter months and look after the boats in bad weather.

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I am looking forward to talking about your ideas and travel plans! Just send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!